10 Most Blacklisted Dog Breeds by Insurance Companies


Domesticated dogs are not always loving and easygoing as what most people consider them to be. There are actually many dog breeds that have been blacklisted by multiple insurance companies

simply because some dog breeds tend to be more dangerous than others. The type of breed you choose to adopt can really impact your ability to get your home insurance.

Check out our list of the top dog breeds that are blacklisted by insurance companies :

10. Great Danes


The Great Danes are often portrayed as most friendly that always mean well and do well, but insurance companies don’t think so and are aware of these dog breed’s reality. Although some owners can get to limit their aggressive behavior through proper training since puppyhood

in most cases, the insurance company is not going to take an easy pass to prove coverage for a Great Dane owner. The aggression level and size of Great Danes are making them far away from any responsibility.



  1. Was raised with 3 of the dogs listed……….Chow, German Shepherd, & Great Dane……..They never bit or attacked anyone………GUESS it depends on who owns them and how they are trained…..

    Dogs left tied/chained outside their entire lives are more aggressive……..Dogs that are loved and accepted within the family and raised inside the home are all BETTER controlled and better acting dogs……..

    Small dogs are more aggressive, and tend to snap & bite than the big ones……..Their owners seem to think they are too cute to discipline……

  2. I assure you that German Shepherds do not deserve their 8th place ranking in your insurance poll. To rate them in 8th place ignores the enormous benefits veterans with PTSD or loss of limb(s) have gotten from owning them as Medical Service Dogs, including myself.

  3. Rottweilers are excellent dogs for a family. You need to train them when they are young. My Rottweilers are very protective of the family. They have not bitten anyone. Just growled if they felt some one was not acting right.