10 Dog Breeds That Families With Kids Need To Avoid


10 Dog Breeds That Families With Kids Need To Avoid


Are you interested to adopt a dog, but too scared for your little babies?

Honestly, you do have the right to fear for your kids from anything, including dogs. For years, we have seen a great relationship between dogs and kids in the movies, and then we started finding Instagram videos of dog owners letting their 10 pooches play with their 10 months-old baby as if they are best friends. But truly, it all looks perfectly safe and sweet.

However, under the charm of dogs’ beautiful faces and their loving personalities, it comes a little concern for the little human’s safety.

There are many dog breeds that were proved to be great friends to little humans, but there are others that should not be left alone with them without supervision. Of course, dogs can be trained, but some may require a lot more than that.

So if you have a family that’s growing, then you have to consider all the negative sides before letting a dog breed enter your home. Here is a list of 10 dog breeds that families with kids need to avoid.




  1. My grandfather had several Dobermans I grew up with they only ever loving
    I have a husky and her favorite people are kids but she loves kids with special needs the most and she was adopted so I got the best of both worlds a life saved and loves kids the most very gentle and loving with babies also

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