10 Dog Breeds That Hate Outdoors Activities Just As Much As You Do


The majority of dog breeds can live in any environment as long as they’re properly trained. But sometimes it would be nice to come home and not encounter an overactive pup that through himself on you and just wants to play.
In addition, there are some breeds who need less energy, thus making them perfect for nestling in bed because, darn it, the couch is so far.
Please check the ten lazy breeds that are perfect for couch potatoes below.

1English Bulldog

Weight: 45 – 55 lbs
Grooming: Low
Why they’re perfect: These compact breeds might seem that they mean business, but inside they’re just big, sentimental babies who want to warm up with you on the couch. This breed gets hot and tired easily and prefers the indoors. They’re also just heavily built and can scare potential thieves from the glance. With a short-haired coat, the Bulldog is the best roommate you’ll ever have.