10 Dog Breeds That Suffer From Separation Anxiety The Most


10 Dog Breeds That Suffer From Separation Anxiety The Most© Pinterest

Dogs are those super adorable creatures and man’s best friend ! they are those four-legged companions that make our moments joyful and our days happier.

Dog owners certainly know how bad it feels to be away from their pampered pooch even when it is for a short amount of time!

While it is difficult for people to part with their animal companions, studies show that it is even harder for dogs as they are found to suffer the worst separation anxiety!

This condition is not exclusive to a specific dog breed, but there are certain dog breeds that are more likely to develop this severe anxiety than others.

Toy Poodles

Toy Poodles

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It is not surprising at all to find out that Toy Poodle dog breed belongs to this list! Toy poodles are suited to many types of homes because of their good temperament and easy nature! In fact, they were bred to be man’s best friend and faithful animal companion.

They are also very faithful, gentle, and enjoy living in a cozy home with loving and caring family. Like many other dogs, toy poodles hate to be alone or separated from their owner.And in case, they are left alone, they are more likely to develop severe separation anxiety.

The latter condition doesn’t only occur when they are away from their owner, but also when their owner starts to care less about them and no longer give them time, love, and affection! The reason behind this serious condition is that this dog breed is by nature craving constant interaction and love!