11 Small Dog Breeds that are too Cute to be True


You won’t be able to resist falling in love with the cuteness of these tiny pups. They are real living teddy bears that are full of affection and positive energy.

The most adorable small dog breeds in the world have the power to make all your blue feelings go away. I assume there is a pretty huge population that deeply love small dog breeds, well, they can literally melt your heart in a second.

Dog owners, families, or anyone who got the chance to spend some time with these cuddly pets is exceptionally lucky.

11 Small Dog Breeds that are too Cute to be True© dogsbreedscenter.com
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  1. The Maltese is the cutest and most eager to please of them all. Very quiet, the epitome of a lap dog. When the sad day comes that I lose my Sam, I will be getting another Maltese. There are just not enough superlatives to describe this bread. Esp. For the disabled and those who live alone.

  2. You completely missed Yorkshire terrier which I think is the cutest dog of all! And for several years it was number two most popular dog in America. My Yorkie “Teddy Bear” is very sad that you missed Yorkshire terrier.😢🐶