6 Best Ways To Offer More Private Space For Your Dog


1Give your dog his own room

1-Give your dog his own room

Your dog deserves to have his own space and room where he can behave comfortably, especially if he is one of the most obedient dogs. There are things dogs like to do when they are left to themselves. This does not make your puppy a lonely dog.

Your running buddy may be fond of jumping and playing, but he may like to enjoy few moments of silence and solitude. If you have an empty basement, turn it into a vivid, tiny room for your puppy. He is going to love it.

Buy him toys and paintings of dogs, then stick them on the walls; the room may look like a real dog house. Remember that cats and dogs may not get along all the time, so if you got a cat, keep him away.

2Outdoors as a private space for your puppy

2-Outdoors as a private space for your puppy

Imagine someone watching you all the time, how would you feel? You will be mostly very stressed given that someone is gazing at you.

You will get nervous and don’t know how to behave. Well, this is how your dog feels when you lock him with you indoors in the same space 24/7. Let him stay outdoors in the backyard for a while alone.

Add dog doors to your house to facilitate the access of your dog in and out of home. You can erect a fence just in case and let your puppy enjoy some private time. You still can spend some time together on a dog training day maybe.