7 Unexpected Ways Your Dog Is Talking To You


1He brings you things

1. He brings you things

We are sure your dog does this all the time, especially when he wants to play: He brings you his favorite toy, a sock, or a stick to throw.

Since your dog can’t actually tell you that he wants to play or convince you to get up from your couch, he would bring you something that he enjoys playing with and give it to you, hoping that you would understand.

When your pooch asks you to play with him, then he is probably bored and wants to let go of all the piled up energy in his body, so don’t ignore him!

2He tucks his tail

2. He tucks his tail

This is an easy-to-read sign: Every time your dog tucks his tail between his legs and puts his head down, then he is telling you he is scared of the situation he is in.

This is when you need to help him and get him out of the situation that it is scaring him immediately.

Not only to protect him but also to protect yourself and any other person/animal involved in the situation. Dogs tend to bite when they are scared as a way to protect themselves and also to let you know about their emotions.