8 Amazingly Adorable Dog Breeds that Look Like Bears


8 Amazingly Adorable Dog Breeds that Look Like Bears

Have you ever dreamed of owning a living teddy bear? Lucky for you, there are some beautiful dog breeds with the adorable bear-like appearance that you’ll certainly fall in love with. While having a giant bear as your best friend is too risky, these fluffy dog breeds will never put you at risk of being ripped to pieces. Besides their cute appearance, these pups have other great qualities as well.

#1 – Newfoundland :

Newfoundland© Pinterest

Newfoundlands are amazingly fluffy, have bear-like characteristics, and are also gigantic! These dogs can weigh up to a whopping 150 lbs/68 kg and are one of the tallest dog breeds. If you were walking in the woods alone and suddenly ran into one of these pups, you’d probably have your blood running cold.

However, regardless of their immense size, these beautiful dogs are known for being sweet-tempered, gentle, and easily trained. The question is how can you fit such a pet fit into your flat?.