9 Health Problems You Can Blame for Bad Dog Smell


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Wondering why your dog smells fishy? You probably shouldn’t be looking for how to make your dog smell good but rather what hidden health problems he or she might be suffering from in silence.

Sometimes, your furry friend doesn’t need to take a shower, start using a better-smelling shampoo, or a thorough tooth-brushing session. Lingering smells can sometimes be a sign of potential ailments that need immediate veterinary attention.

Check out these 9 medical reasons you can blame for bad dog smell.

When bathing your dog is not enough

Dogs smell, and we love them anyway. It’s a fact. Also, our pups may occasionally eat garbage, roll around it, rifle through it, or do any other gross activity that they find entertaining.

However, if you’re sure that your furry love didn’t do anything like that yet he or she has a persistent bad odor, it could be a medical problem that needs immediate attention. Actually, a strange smell is a big alarming sign that your pet is suffering from a hidden illness.

So when you give your dog a nice, thorough bath but they still smell abnormal, you certainly need to rule out any health conditions they might have.
Keep reading for 9 conditions that could cause dogs to have unnaturally smelly breath, skin, or poop.