Here Are The Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds


#10 – German Shepherd

German Shepherd© pexels

German Shepherd can be described by their keen sense, high intelligence, and extreme loyalty. They are very trusted and used nowadays as « seeing-eye-dogs » by the police, military, and the blind. And they were also used in the past for herding and it’s from where they got their name.

German Shepherd is incredibly obedient, extremely loyal, and the best companion you can ever have. The more affection, love, and admiration you show them, the more loyal and obedient they become to you.

#9 – Shar Pei

Shar Pei© Pets4Homes

If you are a dog lover but still you don’t have one because you are somebody who needs a certain balance between affection and space. Cheer up, we sort it out for you! Not only Shar-Pei is full of love, affection, and loyalty, he is independent too.

He is Exactly like you. And I think you can be the perfect mates together. Shar Pei is originally bred in China, famous for its deeply wrinkled skin, colored blue-black tongue, bristly coat, and most importantly for being the most beloved companion.