How To Know Your Dog Needs Exercise



1. Obesity

Your dog’s weight is one of the clearest signs your dog is not getting enough exercise. Once you notice a big change in his weight, you have to start making a strict schedule that is built on more exercise and less food intake.

Maintaining a healthy dog’s weight is extremely important. Otherwise, your pooch will have to deal with many health issues.

2Destructive behavior

2. Destructive behavior

If there is one thing that will make you a good dog owner, then it is maintaining a way to never let your dog feel bored. That’s when the destructive behavior happens.

If your lovely pooch didn’t find a way to burn his energy, he will probably take it out on your garden, walls, furniture, and precious belongings. So in case your dog has an overly destructive behavior, keep in mind that lack of exercise might be one of the reasons.