The 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

10- Saluki


The Saluki or Slougui is commonly privileged to be known as the Royal Dog of Egypt or Persian Greyhound. Saluki is one of the oldest known offsprings that belongs to the type of domesticated dogs.

It’s a very reputed dog and has a great history. Many years ago Saluki, traveled the Middle East with the caravans. Since this breed is fluffy and fast, people use it in hunting. The Saluki is very gentle with his owner, very smart, and can learn easily and fast.

Another feature that distinguishes these incredible creatures is that they are sight chase and that what make them hunt by sight.They also catch and retrieve the quarry.

The normal size of a Saluki is around 58 and 71 cm, their normal weight is between 18 and 27 kg. Most often the Saluki female is a bit smaller than the male. The price rate of a Saluki is around 2.500 dollars.




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