Top 5 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds


1Pit bulls

1-Pit bulls

When the pit bulls are little puppies, they seem to be sweet little creatures. But as they grow up, their natural aggression becomes clearer. Many people were reported killed or injured by this kind of dogs.

They initiate their attack to which their victims are subject by biting and would not let them go. This often leads to disastrous injuries and bruises, if not death. Pit bulls are members of the English bull-baiting dogs’ family.

This breed of dogs is the kind which can be used in hunting huge animals like bears and bulls. They are, therefore, quite tenacious and aggressive. The attacking tactic of pit bulls is composed of biting, holding, and shaking.

They might be convenient and perfect pets, but must be engaged by their owners in dog training courses. It is preferable to pick the ones which are overseen by experts with dog training certification.



Chihuahuas look like the most angelic kinds of dogs, but it turns out they are not as nice as they seem to be. If you have ever read any kind of dog books, you certainly have come across the fact that Chihuahuas are very intelligent dogs.

They can be the most obedient dogs, but they should receive the proper training which is supposed to be based on positive reinforcement. At this point, they look extremely cute, adventurous and friendly.

But they are at the same time, by nature, aggressive. However, the Chihuahuas are regarded as the most courageous dogs regardless of their small size.

Based on several experts’ studies, these used to live specifically in Mexico, then spread, somehow, in the rest of the world. The best exercise for dogs could be running.

Be prudent though! Despite their nice looks, you must exert more efforts in training Chihuahuas.