5 Diseases You Can Get From Your Dog


There is no doubt that dogs offer humans companionship and fulfillment. These two reasons alongside with many others are what make dogs so lovely. Regretfully if we’ are not cautious we can get another thing than just love and that is the disease.

Since Dogs can transmit various viruses and diseases to humans, one should think twice before sharing an ice cone with his dog or kissing it.

Even though there are multiple kinds of diseases that we can get from our dogs, I have listed below the most top five dangerous ones:


If your dog has a ringworm condition that can be easily recognized . If you spot some kind hairless round patches on your dog, that means that it suffers a ringworm infection. This disease is caused by a fungus that can be easily transferred from dogs to humans.

To avoid getting this condition from your infected dog, always make sure to wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap after toughing it. If your dog develops this illness, you should not worry about it because it can be easily treated with the suitable medication.

In case you catch up this disease from your dog, you can get rid of it by using a special anti-fungal cream.