5 of the Most Unexpected Dangers in Dog Vaccines


#1 – Rabies Baits Bite Back

Rabies Baits Bite Back© YouTube

Every single year, the governments of the United States and Canada drop rabies baits from planes and helicopters all across the rural areas. Packaged in small cubes or sachets, these oral rabies vaccines are thickly covered with fishmeal in order to be tempting enough for animals to eat them.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, baits are safe and have no side-effects or long-term effects on the health of your pet. In contrary, the USDA claim that baits are safe for more than sixty species of animals and cause no harm except the stomach sickness in case they were taken in big quantity. But is this really true?

Well, did you now that the vaccines in the baits are actually two viruses combined together? And that the latter combination can create health risks as it is genetically modified. It consists of rabies glycoproteins and Vaccinia, which can be also found in smallpox vaccines.

Theoretically speaking, the health effects depend on the state of the animal. I know, it’s Chinese again but allow me to explain. Let’s take the health state of two dogs as an example. The first is healthy while the other one is not.

In the case of the healthy dog, the body of the animal will consequently form an immune response to the vaccine and respond to the vaccine effectively. While in the case of the weak one, only two things could possibly happen:

1. The vaccine will very simply fail.
2. It will cause the rabies disease which it was supposed to fight.