7 Signs Your Dog Is About To Reach The End Of His Life


1Weight loss and decreased appetite

1. Weight loss and decreased appetite

Eventually, the body of your dog would start to fail, which means he will eventually lose the desire to eat. His appetite will gradually start decreasing and he will also not be expending the same physical energy as he used to, especially that his caloric needs will decline.

Your dog’s body will start prioritizing staying functional instead of processing the food and that’s what will lead to a drastic weight loss. It will happen gradually over the course of months or just weeks. But in some cases, it could happen all at once when the health of your dog will shift completely.

2Extreme lethargy

2. Extreme lethargy

You probably have already noticed that your dog is sleeping a lot more since he became a senior. But if your dog is barely moving, as well as poor hygiene, then he has become extremely lethargic and it is time to start accepting what’s coming up next.

The body of your dog will try to conserve resources, and probably even avoid any external stimulation. Plus, many activities will lead to pain, so sleeping constantly is the only relief from what your furry best friend is experiencing. Help him by not annoying him during his sleep and avoid anything that could cause him pain.