8 of the Best Ways to Help Your Dog Shed Winter Weight


#1 – Explore the Wide World of Dog Sports

Explore the Wide World of Dog Sport© Kindred Companions LLC

There are many formalized indoor activities, such as agility classes, to help keep your dog active in all sorts of weather. According to Kathy Thorpe, owner of Paw School in Denver, dog training facilities can provide various interesting options from groups focused on training for agility competitions.

Paw School’s dog agility training includes teaching your pup to navigate obstacle courses such as jumps, tunnels, and weave poles. But it should be noted that dogs must complete basic obedience training first so they can participate.

#2 – Hit the Gym

Hit the Gym© Nancy Tanner

Many dog breeds require a great amount of exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. If an intense game of tug is not enough and you don’t have much available space at home to install your own indoor obstacle course, you may consider contacting a few other fellow pet parents and rent space at a dog training center or doggie gym.

According to Thorpe, certain gyms will be willing to rent space during off-peak times to allow their clients to practice agility moves, offer their pups some extra exercise, or simply play.