8 Popular Home Remedies You Need to Stop Giving Your Dog


#1 – Garlic to Kill Fleas

Garlic to Kill Fleas© Cuteness

Sarah Nold, who is a DVM and senior appeals specialist at Seattle-based pet insurance company Trupanion says that garlic is very popular as an effective natural home remedy that kills fleas. In fact, there is no proof yet that garlic is that much effective.

She says that there is a better home remedy you can use to control fleas and even get rid of them completely. All you need is to sprinkle your carpet with Borax laundry detergent and not forget to push it down into the carpet with a broom. It would be better to leave it out overnight and keep your children as well as your pet away until you vacuum it up the next day.

Another useful method to help control the fleas in the environment is by daily vacuuming the house and immediately emptying your vacuum outside.

Jennifer Quammen, who is DVM at Grants Lick Veterinary Hospital adds that it is better to follow the Borax method than using garlic as the latter can be toxic to your dog if consumed.

#2 – Borax to Treat Eye Infections

Borax to Treat Eye Infections© Pinterest

Treating eye infection with Borax or boric acid is actually an old wives tale that is everything but true. It is believed that putting this product, which is used as a kitchen or bathroom cleaner, into the infected eye of your pet will help it heal from any infection.

The truth is, dare and put this product into your pet’s eyes and see how irritated they will become. It may even lead to constant pain, corneal ulceration, and skin or eyelid irritation and infection.



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