9 Things You Do That Will Shorten Your Dog’s Life

We all think that we’re providing a happy and healthy life for our dogs. We give them loads of love, feed them quality food, and play with them whenever we can.

But there is much more to properly raise a healthy dog. Sometimes, our active lifestyles cause us to pay too little attention to some simple yet important measures that could help to extend the lifespan of our pups.

Luckily, all of this can be fixed and it’s never too late to improve the level of care you put into raising your beloved pets.

dogs-lifeThese are 9 ways you may unintentionally be shortening your dog’s life

9. Allowing your dog to gain too much weight

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As stated by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, last year, an estimated 53% of dogs were overweight and 95% of their owners identified their pets as being at a normal weight.

Allowing your pup get too heavy can reduce both their quality of life and their lifespan.

Dogs don’t break down or process food like humans do, for instance, 1 ounce of cheddar cheese for a dog is equivalent in calories to 3 chocolate bars and 1.5 hamburgers for a human. Not only human food, but some pups are being fed too much dog food or treats.

It is recommended to limit the amount of human food you give to your dog and control their intake of kibble, as well as to increase exercise routines for obese pets and do anything to get them moving.

In case the weight is still not coming off, you should visit your vet because they may provide a dietary program or help identify an underlying disorder.