Check Out These 6 Dog Illnesses Associated With Poor Nutrition


#1 – Obesity

Obesity in dogs is a real problem that affects thousands of dogs worldwide and that is because animals do not exercise correctly (especially senior animals) and do not follow a healthy diet that meets their nutritional needs (dog vitamin deficiency symptoms are quite common).

To counteract this trend, you need to check how active your dog is and what kind of nutrients and calories should be in their diet. The most energetic dogs need more calories and vitamins than a dog that spends the day sleeping on the couch.

What Does a Dog Eat?

What a dog eats, including wedged food, feed appropriate for its size and age, dehydrated food, and other snacks, directly affects its body function and behavior.

What happens most of the time is that owners love their dogs so much that they give them food scraps, dog biscuits and other dog treats to “please” them. But the truth is that it hurts them and ultimately affects their quality of life and longevity.

Food insufficiency or malnutrition is something to watch out for. To spot any health problems that you dog might be suffering from, use the help of an online dog illnesses and symptoms checker!

The solution is to find a suitable diet for your dog that limits calories and fat intake so that it does not suffer from obesity.