Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Your Puppy Eats His Stool


Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Your Puppy Eats His Stool


Dogs are such unique creatures who promise, despite their inability to speak, a true and unconditional love and friendship. You in return, as an owner, should show them care through ensuring them a healthy life.

It is up to you to decide which healthy puppy diet is the appropriate one for your buddy. If you stick together long enough, you will be able to keep an eye on your senior dog health; he shall do the same.

Plus, you can notice that some of your buddy’s habits begin to change bit by bit. He will develop healthy habits like becoming a running buddy who enjoys accompanying you on your morning-running.

But they can develop also other unhealthy habits like eating their stool. This might not be that serious, yet you may need pet insurance to cover the treatments of the resulting diseases.

Anyway, all dog breeds develop this disgusting habit naturally. Scientifically, this is called coprophagia. It is much common among dogs than any other animals. Keep reading to know why and how to deter coprophagia.