Here Is what To do when Another Dog Bites Your Dog!


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Dogs are naturally sociable creatures. Meaning, you would expect them to approach other dogs whenever they’re outside or even indoors, by a visiting friend’s dog or a neighbor’s dog. And guess what, dogs are unpredictable creatures and you might be taken by surprise thanks to their varying reactions to different situations or other dogs.

It happens in a flash. One moment your dog is playing with another dog or simply sniffing it, and the next thing you hear is a pained yelp or whimper.

Dogs bite when they’re feeling threatened, scared, or startled. It is simply an instinctual response to different triggers.

While some dogs may cower or run away because of such emotions, others can get aggressive or attack when they feel that their space has been invaded or when they misinterpret another dog breed’s attempt at friendliness. Regardless, if you are a dog parent you should be aware of what to do if your pooch gets bitten by another dog as well as of the potential dangers that biting might pose.

Dog bites can be extremely serious, what with rabies, etc., and may even cause instant death in severe situations such as damage to the neck or throat.
That is why you should be fully prepared for anything and never neglect your pet when they’re in the presence of other animals.

Read on to find out about what to do if your dog gets bitten by another dog.