How to Stay Active with Your Dog This Winter


8. Create a winter obstacle course out of a simple walk

Although leash walking is a safe and easy dog exercise, it can be ineffective, especially for big dog breeds. Depending on your dog breed, you should increase the exercise intensity to fit your unique four-legged friend’s needs.

You may think about walking the dog faster or even running, but there are more effective exercise techniques, like diversifying the terrain, changing your speed, and walking up and down the hills.

Try to turn your walk or hike into an obstacle course by walking over branches, using zigzag paths, or doing circles instead of simply walking in a straight line. This will help you and your furry friend to burn calories, build stamina, and stay fit.

In case your pup is new to exercise, make sure to begin with short, yet frequent walks and then slowly increase the challenges, timing, and distance.