How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop Immediately


#1 – Why Puppies Eat Poop?

Why Puppies Eat Poop© BarkPost

Puppies usually eat another animal’s droppings or their own, which could be a normal behavior during their first years. It is also a common practice for mom-dogs that clean up their babies. So, it might be related to an innate behavior that occurs in pups at about three to ten months of age.

Eating other animal’s excrements could be related to taste. For example, horse or cow manure probably contains some other ingredients that your pup finds tasty like the undigested corn.

The cat’s litter might also be a favorite snack since it contains extra protein than your puppy’s food. Eventually, kitten’s waste could be very tasty from your pup’s point of view.

Another bizarre fact is that dogs will never eat poorly formed stools or diarrhea. But they are attracted most to solid stuff, or particularly the frozen ones. Eating poop’s frequency gets bigger after one year of your puppy’s age.

The good news is the majority of pups get rid of the behavior when they become older; the bad news is that some others just preserve the disgusting habit for the rest of their life.

10 Tips to Stop Poop Eating

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Tip #1

– Dogs may consume waste to attract your attention; it means that even if you run after or yell at them they will perceive that as a reward or encouragement. So if you catch your pup doing it, avoid yelling or even making eye contact. Instead, pick a can full of pennies and try to shake it in front of him in order to stop the process.