Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat


The nature of stomach of dogs and humans is different, that’s why much precautions are needed before feeding the dogs. There are some foods which are good and bad for dogs, such as:

Human foods dogs can eat

Some foods are useful for dogs and human beings as well. There need no precautions to keep these foods out of your dong’s reach. Such as:

1. Lean red meat
2. Eggs
3. Fruits
4. Vegetables
5. Baked potatoes
6. White rice
7. Pasta
8. Poultry
9. Fish
10. Yogurt
11. Flax seed
12. Apples
13. Sweet potatoes
14. Beans
15. Turkey meat
16. Carrots
17. Green veggies
18. Cooked salmon (without bones)
19. Smooth peanut butter
20. Boiled meat

Human foods dogs can’t eat

These are some foods, which are not goods for dogs’ health. Keep these foods out of your dogs for their healthy and long life. Such as:

1. Alcohol
2. Apple seeds
3. avocado
4. Candy and Chewing gums
5. Chocolate
6. Coffee
7. Citrus oil extracts
8. Corn on the cob
9. Fish
10. Garlic
11. Grapes and raisins
12. Hops
13. Human vitamins
14. Liver
15. Milk and dairy product
16. Onions
17. Peaches
18. Plums
19. Raw fish
20. Sugar
21. Tobacco
22. Salt
23. Tomato leaves
24. Human snacks
25. Old foods


It is important to note that every dog has different in nature for eating different things. The dog owners should have proper updates about their dogs and their nature of eating.