If People Forget to Do This Simple Thing, their dog’s life might end up!


The idea to depart from a beloved dog is a traumatizing one for most owners. The issue is that we could lose that dog forever and that our companion pet could die as a result of something, a simple thing, that we failed. We won’t let you in anticipations, in this article, we will reveal all about it.

In 2015-2016, there has been a 21% decrease in the number of homeless dogs handled by Local Authorities. However, According to the annual Stray Dog Survey by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, over 37,000 lost and deserted dogs remained unrecorded in local authority kennels last year.
Whilst this case is alarming, it’s even more terrifying that 1 in every 8 (4,732) of these unclaimed dogs are believed to be beloved pets who have found themselves neglected in kennels, simply because unresponsible owners haven’t updated their dog’s microchip details.
The fact that these dogs are microchipped indicates that they were once a much-loved member of the household, yet forgetfulness by owners could sadly lead local authorities to put them to sleep because their owners cannot be found.
Dogs Trust questions local authorities across the UK as part of the annual homeless Dog Survey. The 2016 findings show the following:

• 81,050 stray dogs were managed by Local Authorities in the last year, a 21% decline in the total number of stray dogs can be compared to last year when 102,516 dogs were handled by Local Authorities
• Yet, Dogs Trust is astonished to discover that a quarter of the 16,447 homeless dogs brought to local councils with a microchip, face being destroyed by local authorities due to the fact that their owners haven’t updated their contact details.
• 43,767 of the 81,050 homeless dogs in the UK were regathered with their owners, with over 9,000 reunifications being thanks to a microchip.
• Local Authorities put 3,463 stray dogs to sleep, as they make all their efforts to care for the vast numbers of strays that are collected on the streets every
last year 37,283 dogs remained unclaimed in council kennels
If you want to update a dog’s microchip details, its a very simple task, you can do it online, by telephone or post and takes just five minutes. But, a survey conducted by Dogs Trust** has found that only a mere 9% of dog owners think that updating their dogs’ microchips post-move an essential thing, with sorting digital TV coming above this.

Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Adrian Burder said:
“To realize that the number of homeless dogs in the UK had declined in comparison to last year is a good thing to hear, but the fact that over 37,000 dogs remaining unclaimed in Council pounds last year, still a problem that required more efforts to fix. Local Authorities work intensely and much caring for stray and abandoned dogs each year. Unemotionally, they just don’t have all the resources and the support to care for every homeless dog in the UK. Stray dogs that are sheltered at Dogs Trust are the lucky ones, as we will never put a healthy and sound dog to sleep, however, not all of the unclaimed dogs are so fortunate”