Is Your Dog Always Licking His Mouth? Here Is What You Can Do!


#1 – Behavioral causes of dog licking lips

• Dogs experience anxiety too, and licking lips is one of their ways to express it, especially when they are confused or frustrated. For instance, if you are training your dog, then they may start licking their lips when they are unsure about what’s expected of them. Dogs always use their bodies to communicate their emotions, so you may notice some lips licking when your pooch is approaching another dog, which translates to ‘Hi, I don’t want to fight!’

• The constant lip licking could be a normal reaction, it might only mean that their lips are dry, something is stuck near their lip area, or a bug touched their face/mouth. Also, you can notice a lot of lip-licking when your dog is getting ready to eat because his salivary glands are producing a little too much saliva.