This Is How You Can Keep Your Dog Full


#1 – Separate hunger from personality

To understand what type of food that can keep your dog full, you need to understand his body composition score first. Same as humans, not all dogs are built the same, so a 50 pound Cocker Spaniel is way too different than a 50 pound Great Dane.

Your vet may have already noted the composition score of your dog, and if they didn’t, you could simply ask them to observe their weight. It is basically a score from one to nine – 1 being underweight and 9 being obese.

If your dog is between 4 and 6, then their weight is healthy. So if they are eating not everything in their bowl and still maintaining a good weight, then they are good. But in case they finish their bowl and still begging for more, then they are not hungry, they are only looking for attention.