This Is Why Your Dog Is 100% Overweight Even If You Deny It


This Is Why Your Dog Is 100% Overweight Even If You Deny It

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Do you think that owning a dog is a light responsibility? Well, if yes, then you are WRONG! It is plausible to claim that becoming a dog owner is just like becoming a parent which is why you need to think through before owning a dog.

Be it small dog breeds or big dog breeds, all dog breeds require an equal amount of care and attention. How would you know that your running buddy needs care and attention? How would you understand dog body language?

How would you know how to spot dog behavior changes? Well, this is all possible through doing some readings of dog books.

We always recommend books like ‘The Dog’s Mind: Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior’ and ‘Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know’, but more books exist; you just need to dig deeper.

Now, if you have already a dog, then his health should be on the top of your priorities. Things can be really serious when your dog nutrition go off the line, and he gains weight, yet you deny it.

#1 – No distinct waistline is seen

You might refuse to say it, but your dog might be in need of taking dog training courses and consuming diet dog food before he gets any other extra fats on his waist more than he already had.

Most dog breeds are furry, and their heavy coats might not enable you to see a distinct waistline. To some extent, this is normal. But check if your dog’s hair is what prevents you from spotting a distinct waistline.

It could be because of fat that clumped together on the waists. This is another reason to start buying your buddy good dog food from healthy dog food brands before your dog becomes seriously overweight.

#2 – The scale unveils creepy numbers

We do not think that you will keep wondering ‘is my dog overweight ?’ once you take a close look at the indicated numbers on the scale. Do not take it personally, but your fat dog needs real help.

You do know that overweight triggers far more serious health issues than you think. Your dog food nutrition imbalance is the number-one factor which contributes to the weight gain of your dog. The latter’s weight must be scaled at least every month.

If your buddy takes only dog nutrition supplements, and no real dog food is included in his diet, then this is alarming. Plus, your buddy must engage more often in dog training sessions to keep his body active.

#3 – The dog’s collar does not fit anymore

You need to be capable of understanding your dog and able to spot the slightest changes to which his behavior and body are subject. These changes might be indicators of struggles your dog is trying to put up with silently as far as his health is concerned.

This applies to the tiniest details such as the tightening of pet collars and harnesses. Usually, overweight and fat dogs need new collars every month due to the increase in their weight.

It must be noted that different dog breeds would need new collars as they grow, but this is a different case triggered by a different factor.

If your dog’s collar does not fit him anymore, he might be in need of including more healthy dog food recipes and excessive dog training to lose the extra pounds.

#4 – The dog’s breathing becomes difficult

Any dog behavior specialist would tell you that the scrutinization of your dog’ behavior is the basis of how to understand your dog effectively. Watch the movement of your dog, have remarks on how he eats his Nutro dog food, and pay attention to how he breathes.

The way your dog breathes says indeed plenty of things about his health. Dogs have the tendency of panting a lot by nature. But these panting habits can turn into being signs of serious overweight effects on the body of your little friend.

So maybe, it is time to consider a longer list of healthy dog foods and some exercising for the sake of your dog’s health.

#5 – The dog starts having mobility issues and loses interest in physical activities

Look at the bookshelves of libraries in your hometown’s library; you can definitely find good books on how to understand dogs. Such writings would make good guides for all dog owners, as they comprehensively help in understanding dog behavior.

To illustrate, there is a wide range of things dogs like to do; this includes running and jumping. But in case your dog gains weight, living fitly and lightly around would be a bit challenging.

He would start being lazy and losing interest in all sorts of dog physical activities. If your buddy keeps skipping his healthy food for dogs and exercising sessions, he would suffer from terrible muscles and joints pains.

#6 – You are, as an owner, in denial

The screaming sign that indicates that your dog is 100% obese is the fact that you deny that he is so despite the clarity of all overweight markers. We know that it is hard to accept that your dog is overweight, especially if your friends keep commenting on the weight of your buddy.

You might even consider it as a personal insult which is why it is good to accept facts and take action to change what is wrong. You could start with seeking vets’ assistance to recommend the best nutritional dog food or healthy dog food.

But then you have to make sure that your dog is getting what is required to lose weight and be fit.

Always pay heed to your dog’s nutrition, stick to his exercising schedule, and make sure he gets a monthly vet checkup.