Top 10 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat


Top 10 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

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Your dog’s body differs completely from the composition of the human one, so do his needs. Of course, the dietary system of your puppy depends on the dog breeds he belongs to. But you certainly won’t feed him something from poisonous dog food brands.

Take care of your buddy the way you look after yourself. You can be assisted by a veterinary prescription to know exactly what a healthy puppy diet is. Some owners tend to gloss over the fact that the nutritional needs of dogs differ from the ones of humans.

You cannot, at any rate, feed your dog any human leftovers, not even cooked bones. Opt always for non-toxic dog food to minimize the risk of hurting your dog.

Sometimes, while having dinner, you cannot resist your little buddy’s polite demand for a piece of cake or a sip of your coffee.

But think twice! You are not supposed to feed him anything which is not included in his veterinary prescription. Be a caring owner and stop feeding your dog the following 10 foods.