10 of the Greatest Benefits of Therapy and Service Dogs


There are countless reasons why all the pups out there are considered our best friends besides the fact that nobody will ever be happier to see you every time you walk through the front door or listen to you for endless hours with great interest and such adorable eyes.

There is absolutely no doubt that dogs help contribute to better human health and lifestyle, the thing that we proudly highlight throughout this article.

Therapy and service dogs, in particular, play a significant and amazing role in our society, making life easier for different people and helping them stay healthy. Therapy dogs truly make a remarkable difference in the lives of the people they meet.

Although cats and horses can make excellent therapy animals, dogs remain the most common type. This perhaps explains the unique bond between humans and canines.

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Here are the top 10 greatest benefits of service and therapy dogs that will make you love these animals even more




  1. My son was involved in an accident in 2010. That accident caused a TBI and that caused him to be legally blind and limited use of his right arm. We do not how long he will keep what sight he has now. I am trying to find someone that is capable of training a service dog for him. He insist he have a German Shepherd as that is what he grew up with. I am a foster parent for Guardian Angle Dog rescue in Tampa, FL. and would like to adopt a dog to train as there are so many young large dogs to adopt. Might you have information on a trainer in the Tampa area? I have fostered over 300 dogs and but I am not sure I could pick out a dog that would be good for training and could like assistance with that. At this point He really needs a dog to walk with and that will alert him to people around him. He walks in our neighborhood. But he has been accosted several times and I don’t want to restrict him any more than he already is. Would you be able to give me some information that may point me in the right direction? I just don’t have thousands of dollars to spend and some of the restrictions they have are not acceptable to him. He has not stayed anywhere with out me as he will not stay alone. That seems to be a requirement. Any help or information you could give would be appreciated. Regards, Starr Barineau Tampa FL. 813-264-5544 Hm. 813-493-7827 cell you may text or call.