8 Dangerous Mistakes Of New Puppy Owners You Need To Avoid


8 Dangerous Mistakes Of New Puppy Owners You Need To Avoid© Pinterest

Watching the new puppy making his first steps in your house, touching his unbelievably cute tail, and smelling his unique odor make your new decisions of raising him guided by excitement and love instead of reason.

This is why most new puppy parents make a few mistakes that are actually dangerous for the puppy and themselves. Remember that it is up to us if that dog would grow up to be a sweet little angel or an aggressive dog that scares children in the park.

Treating them right is of utmost importance, and training them is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. If you are a new puppy parent or you are about to become one, then you have to be fully prepared.

As a start, here are the 8 dangerous mistakes most new puppy parents make you need to avoid.

Car Rides to the Vet

Car Rides to the Vet

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If the only time your little new furry friend rides the car is when you take him to the vet, especially for scary things like shots, then he will adopt a strong fear of rides very early in his life. Plus, you will start having a hard time making him hop in into the car.

To avoid making your dog unknowingly develop this fear, make sure to take him to other places like the park, a friend’s house, the pet supply store, and a doggy play date. Don’t forget to praise him all the way there and make sure to do the same when you arrive home.