Dog Get Stuck In An Aqueduct Needs Their Help, But Finding A Way to get in Requires A Miracle!


There’s nothing sadder than realizing that an animal needs your help, but you’re unable to provide such. Fortunately, in most cases, you can usually take a step back and calmly reassess the problem and find the way out.

That’s exactly what happened to workers from the Los Angeles rescue Hope for Paws. When they received a call about a dog trapped in an aqueduct, they ruched help him —but he was very distant from any point to reach out…

Los Angeles animal rescue Hope for Paws received an alerting phone call. A citizen informed them that a German shepherd had been trapped in the concrete L.A. River aqueduct without food or water for a quit time.

Rescuers were able to spot the poor puppy, whom they later named Biggie, and knew they had to help him as fast as possible. The only hinder was that they were miles away from an entry point to the aqueduct. They have to think of a bold, clever plan to pull off the rescue…