Dog’s been missing for 2 years, but watch his reaction when he eventually hears his owner’s voice again


As a pet owner, you wish your companion never disappears from your sight. For Bosco’s owner, however, his worst nightmares became true when Bosco, a beagle mix, decided to get advanced RSE and go out and explore the world without his owner. Bosco, however, explored a bit too much and-and lost way home.

Bosco was alone and scared, but he knew he would have to find a way to survive in the street if he should stay without a shelter and never meet his owner again. So for 764 days, you can often see Bosco waiting at local restaurants and for food scraps in the garbage in order to have the meal.

Of course Bosco is one case, there are too many dogs that venture a bit too far out in order to explore and become separated from their owners .In most cases, many of these lost dogs never go back to their owners, but Bosco’s story was not yet over…..

Two years later, Bosco was hunting for dog food when he came across a delicious smell.
As he approached closer and closer to the smell, he was trapped in a cage.
Thankfully, these guys didn’t intend to hurt Bosco.

In fact, these humans did some research and find out that Bosco’s original owner had moved away from town so they mad a video call so that Bosco could meet with his owner online. Although this reunion hasn’t happened yet, but at least Bosco is now safe and sound after all this time.