Homeless Dog Was Found In A Basement Covered In Matted Fur, And Rescuers Got There Just In Time


When the SPCA of Erie County got the call ,they needed to check out in the basement of a Buffalo, New York home. They’d been told there was a dead animal, but they weren’t sure about what lies in there.

So when peace officer Jessica Coughlin arrived on the scene, she wasn’t surprised to see a motionless ball of fur just lied there in the corner of the basement.

Officer Jessica Coughlin responded to a call about a dead animal in the basement of an upstate New York home. When she approached the ball of fur, she discovered that it was a dog—and it was still alive.

After being rushed to the animal shelter, the dog had to be sedated so doctors could begin removing all of its matted fur.

After the Shih Tzu, whom they named Dori, was measured, they found out that a whopping 34% of her body weight was overgrown. The vets worked to remove the matted fur for two full hours. After that, her weight dropped from 11 to 7.3 pounds! Dori’s journey wasn’t over yet. See how much she changed on the next page!

Vets removed a strip of twine that was tied so tightly around Dori’s leg, which fractured one of her toes.

Dori also had eye and ear infections that required cleaning. Fortunately, Dori was out of that dark basement and ready to sleep in a dog bed. At the end , Dori was adopted by a new owner and finally living the good life!

Dori’s previous owner pled guilty to a Class A misdemeanor in court, and was punished with one year conditional discharge, monthly inspections by the SPCA for a year, and his right tp own pets was banned from that period. She also needs to complete 100 hours of community service. The most comfortable thing is that, she can’t hurt Dori anymore.

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