How to Communicate With Your Dog

Whether you have a new dog as your friend or you and your dog have been as one for some time, it’s really helpful to know the importance of your puppy’s communication signal with the goal that you can adjust your own behavior as required.

It is very good and a need also that you and your dog understand each other. This understanding will help you to build a relation of love and trust. You should care about the feelings of your dogs.

Dogsmostly make vocalizations and signals with the help of their tongue, face and body similarly as people do with a specific way to express their emotions. Hence, whether you are human or your dog is an animal all need to express their feelings and emotions in one way or another.

While some of these signals can seem fundamentally the same as human gestures, in dogs, these gestures can have different implications. I will help you to figure out how to communicate your dog by using various methods and messaging strategies.

Spend time together

First of all you have to build a relation of trust with your dog. The more you will give time and take him for a walk, the more he will learn things faster. Spending time together will strengthen your relation and you dog will love this new relation and experience.

Try to feed your dog with your own hands , Research and experts say that feeding your dog with your own hand will help you dog to come close to you and he will understand that you are the food provider and also his friend.

Next time he will come to you for food and this will build a strong bond between you and your dog. Talk more to him and show that you care a lot.

Understand the behavior of dog

Learn the behavior of your dog by observing him daily. When you will observe him and stay more with him, will help your dog feel better and friendly. He will also try to express his feeling by licking you, running behind you or standing on legs.

Keep it in mind that all gestures of dogs has a different meanings such as he wants to play, sleep, eat or just fun with you. Signs of unhappiness and unease will let you know he don’t want to. Same is with the dogs he should also understand the signs of his owner.

Hand signals and verbal commands, During the training period try to use the hands and verbal commands more. This hand signals and movements will help you dog to understand you easily and he will respond accordingly.

Training your dog for understanding communication will bring a lot of benefits not only for the dogs but also for the owners. You can stop your dog from extra barking, digging back yard or biting others.

Dogs understand human speech, A latest research shows that the dogs understand the human speech. So talk more and more with your dog. They experience the happiness and when they hear the word of praise they understand it. It is proved that the dogs just don’t only hear the words tone they also understand what you are telling them.

Clicker training

The most proven method to train your dog in making obedient and to learn communication is clicker training. To lure your dog into any specific position and indicate that he had done something right or wrong clicker is the best option. Dogs love to play and also love to have rewards and treats. So to build a good communication relation be the most rewarding person in your dog’s life and he will do and act whatever you will say him to do.

Learn your dog’s posture

Observe the body language and dog’s posture carefully. The way dog holds his body will let you know about his emotions and feelings. Many times dog wants to play and for this he does many different movements such as raising his front legs, stretching, bowing and so on. It’s up to your effort how much you understand your dog.

Recognize warning signs

When your dog gives warning sign understand in the early stage so you may handle him or her accordingly. Many times your dog is not feeling well, fear, anger or any more problems and he will give you different signals which will let you know that there is something wrong with your dog.

Some common signals of dogs, Opening eyes wide, blinking or winking, starring, eye contact, narrow eyed, moving tail are some common dogs signals that definitely carries some meaning and a good owner understand his dogs meanings.


So if you want to build a good relation with your dog communicate with him and try to understand him. When your dog will understand the basic rules and your signs and signals of your hands and voice then it will be easy for both of you to understand each other.