Dogs In Danger: Man Had Stabbed a Dog with a Knife (MANY times)


Have you ever thought about how unique and outstanding a stray dog can be? Whichever your answer is, you just need to read this…

souq drissia - morocco

In the heart of a popular market in Tangier, Morocco, this stray dog has long chosen this crowded market as an ideal place to settle down, actually, she even started working there as a guard dog for the little shops after closure time. This hard working pup was appreciated by everyone there; they fed and took care of her to express their gratitude for her help in keeping their stores safe while they’re away.

The market was her own home and its people were her friends. In fact, everything was great about the amazing social life this stray dog could establish, until yesterday night. Sadly, she experienced an awfully brutal attack last night! Someone had brutally attacked and stabbed her many times with a knife. But, Why? Who could have done such thing and for what reason? It was probably a thief or maybe just a heartless fool. The real reasons remain unknown.

Man had Stabbed a Dog with a Knife - picture 2

The next morning, she was found bleeding and in heartbreaking pain. The shopkeepers were shocked at the sight of their partner pooch suffering the extreme pain of several foolish stabs. They stood fiercely against this inhuman act, claiming that she was one of them.
Some of them managed to take her emergently to the vet, hoping that she would remain strong enough to live.

dogsbreedscenter - pic 3

Fortunately, they could save her life just in time, and she’s now waiting for her wounds to heal completely.
We wish her quick recovery so she can go back to her regular life and hope that whoever did this would be punished for their evil deeds.

dogsbreedscenter - pic 4