She Was Frightened from People When She Was Rescued. Then She Met Her Soulmate And Her Life Changed


Daisy the pit bull is one of 27 miserable, poor dogs that were discovered this past summer, in a dirty home in Lake Matthews, California along with him another 11 dead ones.

The unpleasant smell in the house was so unbearable that rescuers resembled the situation a scene from Silence of the Lambs.

Carl Dixon, their owner, was not in the house. They later learned that he had been in jail since May for trafficking illegal drugs, and obviously left the dogs in the home alone since then.

When rescuers were in the home, some of the pit bulls were very scared, while others didn’t even hesitate to come right up to them. All they wanted was the love and care that they had been missing for quite a time. They got treated and were sent to live with new adopters.

Once Daisy arrived at her foster mom Debbie Munson’s house in Murrieta, California, she was afraid of people there. Eventually, as the months passed by, she began to get used to the new environment, but she was still very scared.

Enter Prince. Prince is another pit bull who had come from a home where he also abounded. Munson agreed to adopt him too, through the nonprofit It’s The Pits.

Daisy turned into a totally different dog around Prince. He helped her to calm down and made her feel at ease. They befriended instantly and have been inseparable ever since! They enjoy cuddling, running and playing together, as well as car rides, baths, hanging around and even kissing.

The two lovebirds cannot stop kissing each other. A video of the adorable duo kissing went viral after It’s The Pits published it on their Facebook page. It reached over 9,000 likes and more than 16,000 shares. All share the opinion that the two are the cutest doggy couple ever!

Now Daisy and her Prince are awaiting their everlasting home to live together of course!