This is Why You Need to Stop Letting Your Dog Lick Your Face


Every time I’m back home after a long day at work, I’m greeted with much love and affection. My dog licks my entire face for several minutes as a way of kissing me and telling me in his own canine language “I miss you and I love you’’.

I’m sure that every dog owner reading this would agree that feeling loved by a dog is just the best feeling ever. I mean let’s face it, who in the world doesn’t love and can resist puppy kisses?

Deep down we know it’s not the best idea as it may seem, especially when many experts caution this matter.

This is Why You Need to Stop Letting Your Dog Lick Your Face1©

To be totally convinced not to let your dog lick your face again, let’s us all move to the next slides for more clarifications




  1. Anyone with sense knows that a dog licks all his personal items……Plus has their noses up against his 4 legged friends rumps……….If they are country dogs……….whatever smells good………deer #2, or other animals, they will eat…….They will even drink out of a toilet if its open…..

    My dogs are great, and they also realize that face licks are not accepted……..Never had to hit them either….

  2. Nonsense!
    ! I will accept kisses from my dogs any day. They give you unconditional love and they demand so little. Can you say that about your kids?