This is Why Your Dog Just Don’t Like Certain People


#1 – The Tone of Voice

The Tone of Voice©

Dogs don’t speak humans’ language, but they can read your voice’s tone perfectly. As stated by a 2016-study, the canine brain reacts in accordance with the voice tone of the person addressing them.

In the same study, when the person spoke in a happy, high-pitched voice, the reward centers in the dogs’ brains were activated. The pups were friendly with the happy-sounding individual, but they ignored or reacted negatively to those who used an angry or deep voice.

#2 – Body Language

Body Language© The Spruce

When a dog is evaluating somebody’s voice tone, they’re also paying close attention to the person’s body language. Pups rely on body gestures to communicate with humans, but the problem is when you compare how humans interpret certain movements to the way dogs perceive them.

For instance, different species perceive eye contact differently. While humans see someone who avoids eye contact as dishonest or fishy, dogs translate eye contact into rude and threatening. However, looking a little to the side or giving those soft eyes is a sign of docility and respect.

If you want to bond better with a dog or puppy, avoid making wide movements with your arms, avoid random gestures, and never force a pup into a hug. These are all interpreted as bad moves in the canine world.



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