Thousands of British Parks Are Banning Dogs


For us, dog owners our local park is often the first port of call when we need to take our dog for their daily workout. The local green spaces have always been the place where dog owners go to walk their dogs and get them loose a little bit.

But a problem had flourished recently. Many councils in the UK have been using a piece of legislation to ban dogs from parks. But there are a few things that are wrong with this but first, let’s just focus on the big ones:

1. We dog owners pay our taxes as well. So for sure our money count when it comes to who can and can’t use local green spaces.
2. Dogs need the workout. That’s, erm, actually part of the law of the land.
3. If dogs are not being allowed to places to exercise we’re going to to have to deal with the growth of dog attacks incidents than ever before. Lack of exercise automatically results in developing a more aggressive behavior in dogs.

The Telegraph reports:

“Dog walking has been banned or extremely limited in more than 3,300 parks and green spaces in just two years since the introduction of new asbo-style control orders.

The Kennel Club charged local councils of using controversial new powers to comparing an unnecessary and unjustified war on dogs and on their owners.

Animal welfare charities said the new rules could lead to a cruel reaction and could even be forcing owners to break the law by denying their dogs exercise.

Meanwhile, protesters against extreme-regulation said it alarmed the rise of crimes and strikes in everyday life!

According to som studies by the Kennel Club, dogs have been completely banned from at least 2,205 public places including parks, beaches and playing fields both in England and Wales using PSPOs”

As dog owners, we increasingly feel like we are being somewhat condemned as a result of some the anti-social behavior of bad owners. Good dog owners actually find the irresponsible owners as bad as nondog owners do. Not all dog owners allow their dogs to annoy people.

The matter of fact is that for all of the bad behavior that these councils complain of, there are already established laws in place set to tackle these issues, but they are not enforced, the question that arises here is why?

I think the answer is that local council budgets are being cut and dog services are being squeezed and so the simplest solution of those problems that these councils think of is to take a broad brush and ban all dogs from public green and open spaces. How. Dare. They.

These are PUBLIC spaces and everybody has the right to enjoy them.We pay taxis for them and we vote for the people who run these councils and that’s why all dog owners must stand up for their rights.

We must not allow the behaviors of the irresponsible owners to impact us. Defend your dog’s rights and make watch closely and carefully about what your local council is up to.

These people are supposed to serve the general public rights. What’s your opinion?