Top 10 Absolutely Dangerous Dog Breeds in The World 2017


World's Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds 2017
Dogs are most known to be a man’s best friend, providing company, keeping guard, and adding sweet joys to dull days. However, some dogs can also be a man’s worst enemy or also a man’s insurance company’s worst nightmare.

This does not mean that pups are so bad, but the serious harm and injuries they can cause humans has led to an alarming guide to dog breeds that are categorized as dangerous, as well as it made owning one of these dog breeds very difficult to obtain your insurance as a homeowner or to keep it at a low cost if you already have one.

Now check out these top 10 most dangerous dog
breeds in the world so far:



  1. Not true I’ve had 2 pit bulls 1 chow and rot mix a and dad had a chow all 4 were well behaved loving dogs there entire lives god rest their souls it is how you raise and take care of them plain and simple.

  2. Yes the way they are raised makes a lot of difference I saved a hybred wolf pub from a 7 foot rattlesnake at a friend’s house in witch Wells arizona.that dog was great around everyone and if it spotted a snake in our three acre fenced in yard see always let us no and she loved children

  3. Well I have a cross breed, I don’t know it’s original breed, but I think it’s one of the most laziest dog, it sleep’s the whole day and collects people footwear if left outside the house during night.

  4. How about chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, Jack Russell’s. I think we sometimes confuse size and think that large dogs are more aggressive. I have found alot of small breeds can be seriously unpredictable.

  5. It’s on the owners mostly. Raise and treat these breeds correctly and they can all be beautiful loving animals. There’s no disputing these dogs can be aggressive but so can a bull mastiff,chihuahua and staffy etc. Posts like this lend a hand in making people view dogs as vicious and cause fear instead of respect of the animals.

  6. Pit bulls were actually known as nanny dogs, watching over the children while the parents were working in the fields. They are a very loving breed. IT’S NOT THE DOG BUT THE OWNER. I have also had a siberian husky and she was very loving too. Do your research before publishing this list.

  7. I had a pure bred pit bull who weighed 100 pounds that was the gentlest dog I have ever known! We now have a 12 lb. chihuahua/ Pom mix that is the terror of the neighborhood!

  8. Absolutely agree on ITS on the OWNERS not the breed that makes a dog dangerous! I have a Siberian Huskey and a Chiahua that have been trained and socialized with other dogs and people. They wag their tails, listen, love, lick and show no signs of aggression other than playfully with each other. You keep any dog restricted to confines of home & fenced in yard only with no training/socializing, especially in their 1st year they become very different animals. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but had to speak out in hopes of reaching the neglecting owners to wake up!

  9. Pits are not dangerous it’s the people who train them also boxers are not dangerous I’ve owned 3 one was a king boxer they are very sweet and gentle pulse the akc says they are loving and veary patchent with kids boxers were also used to save lives in the war war 1 by delivering messages its funny how you guys don’t mention other breeds just the ones with bad reps I’ve been bitten so many times by black labs but never a pit Doberman boxer husky or wolf hybrid witch you are daming with cause so you people don’t know what your talking about I’ve grown up with all the breeds that I’ve talked about and never had one problem so if your gonna call a dog out on something blame the deed not the breed just like there are good people and bad peopl.

  10. I have had two Standard Poodles and they r a love . The first one loved to get into trouble loving people food but the next one is so good . In Love with ourfirst Great Grandchild and is always watching over him and letting his Mom knows when he wakes up . Super Dogs with all .

  11. I love my Akita kimiki she’s 6 yrs and very well behaved and good protection for your property and loyal to there owner I heard that this breed is considered a high risk for property insurance true or false