Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based On Their Fatalities


Almost all domesticated dogs are affectionate and friendly, however, these pets can sometimes be surprisingly dangerous.
There are various dog breeds, including those that are widely known as the most dangerous canines, but you’ll also be surprised by the interesting results which were found while considering the dogs’ danger levels by bite fatalities.

Researchers from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association carried out a 20-year study on the most dangerous dog breeds to finally reveal this list of the top dangerous dog breeds regarding the number of fatalities they’ve caused:



  1. A friend of mine has a Rottie, all 12 stone of him. He is lovely, never any problem, just minds he’s own business. Mostly down to the owners anyway, if your a bad temper’d person loves punchanged ups & agueing etc. Dogs can pick up on your vibes.

  2. Wish people would stop calling them dangerous dogs. Its humans that cause the majority of issues. Stop blaming the dog. People need to stand up an take responsibility for their animals.
    I have a staffy and a Chihuahua an my chi is more aggressive than my staffy. All the staffy wants is to play an cuddle.

  3. I can say that is not the dog. It is the owners. I have doberman and he’s not dangerous. Though by law I have to muzzle him when he’s out. But what bugs me that if he was attacked by another dog he don’t stand a chance. And I totally agree with Margret highs. The only thing my dog is guilty for is hogging the bed.

  4. My previous dog was a bull mastiff and dopey as hell my mum has a rottweiller and he is a lovely soft giant but if you do approach the front door he protects his home (which im so glad i know my mum is always safe) i now have a two year old staffie and she runs away when letters are posted but hyper active is an under statement !! But i believe its how you raise any animal ☺

  5. I had a German Shepherd and he may have been massive and ppl were scared of him but he was no way vicious it’s not the dog that’s bad it’s the ppl u bring a dog up well and good then you will have a great family dog and any dog can be nasty I lived to next door to a golden labrador and u would have thought he be soft but he was far from soft he was nasty dog which forms a labrador is a shock

  6. I can’t believe these are listed, I have 2 Dobermans and they are as silly as anything!!! What about the chihuahua??? I think they are more aggressive! But like everyone else has mentioned on here, it’s not the dog, it’s the owner who is to blame for the dogs behaviour