Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based On Their Fatalities

10. Akita


The second Japanese breed is Akita. This Breed comes from the rockey and mountains region of northen Japan and can weigh up to 130 pounds. When properly trained , Akita can be smart and friendly when trained on the hands of a bad owner, howver, they turn to be aggressive.

Akita are space territorial and so they must be trained to be integrated on how to handle when being amogst strangers.



  1. A friend of mine has a Rottie, all 12 stone of him. He is lovely, never any problem, just minds he’s own business. Mostly down to the owners anyway, if your a bad temper’d person loves punchanged ups & agueing etc. Dogs can pick up on your vibes.

  2. Wish people would stop calling them dangerous dogs. Its humans that cause the majority of issues. Stop blaming the dog. People need to stand up an take responsibility for their animals.
    I have a staffy and a Chihuahua an my chi is more aggressive than my staffy. All the staffy wants is to play an cuddle.

    • This is so true my staffy passed away last year and she was the most gentle and sweet natured big baby ever, and yet my shitztzu can be very snappy on times,

  3. I agree with all of you, I have a 10 year old Mastiff who is a big loving lump. I also have a 3 year old rescue Pit Bull / Dalmatian who is a big love but wasn’t owned by any aggressive types. It is the owner, not the dog. Dogs normally do what their owners request.

  4. I find little dogs more snappy my little jack Russell thinks he’s a grizzly bear ?But me and all the kids love him very loyal ?

  5. I have a german sheperd along with terriers and a small dog. She plays with them. She is a big softy. Its not the dogs that are dangerous its having the wrong owner that does not now what they are doing. Or they make the dogs aggressive on purpose

  6. It’s not the dogs that are dangerous, it is the HUMAN raising them.
    I have had eight out of the ten, and have never had an issue out of any of them.
    I currently own a boxer and box-wieller, and have 2 grandpups that are red and blue nose pitts.

  7. I have had a number of bull dogs and never have I had a bad one, they are a loving breed they just want the love from there owners

  8. I agree totally. I had a malamute he was the best family dog ever he practically raised my children and I hav a German shepherd now who is the most loving big baby. Plus they showed ahuseywith the description of a GS this list sucke

  9. There is no dangerous dogs just dangerous oweners I have a four year old American bulldog and he does any thing I tell him and my daughter has trained him to hi five high ten sit and stay she is only eight years of age also got a French bulldog who is seven months old and the other dog looks after him so as I said bad oweners create bad dogs

  10. I’ve been brought up with five boxers and never had problems with any of them . If you train them properly and bring them up well with all kinds of dogs you won’t have problems

  11. My Doberman wouldn’t hurt a fly. Only time he MIGHT be aggressive if someone is aggressive towards the family. Than he’s doing his job.

  12. I can say that is not the dog. It is the owners. I have doberman and he’s not dangerous. Though by law I have to muzzle him when he’s out. But what bugs me that if he was attacked by another dog he don’t stand a chance. And I totally agree with Margret highs. The only thing my dog is guilty for is hogging the bed.

  13. My previous dog was a bull mastiff and dopey as hell my mum has a rottweiller and he is a lovely soft giant but if you do approach the front door he protects his home (which im so glad i know my mum is always safe) i now have a two year old staffie and she runs away when letters are posted but hyper active is an under statement !! But i believe its how you raise any animal ☺

  14. I had a German Shepherd and he may have been massive and ppl were scared of him but he was no way vicious it’s not the dog that’s bad it’s the ppl u bring a dog up well and good then you will have a great family dog and any dog can be nasty I lived to next door to a golden labrador and u would have thought he be soft but he was far from soft he was nasty dog which forms a labrador is a shock

  15. I have a Pit, the only way he would hurt someone is when he climbs on you to give you kisses & hugs. He is so friendly and loving. Its not the breed its the owner!!! I have also had a boxer, he was so loving!!!!

  16. Dogs aren’t dangerous, owners are. “Train up a dog the way it should go, and when it is old, it will never be dangerous nor aggressive. “

  17. I have a pitbull, and she is the sweetest dog ever!! It’s not about the dog, it’s about how their human treated them. Please stop calling them dangerous breed.

  18. I can’t believe these are listed, I have 2 Dobermans and they are as silly as anything!!! What about the chihuahua??? I think they are more aggressive! But like everyone else has mentioned on here, it’s not the dog, it’s the owner who is to blame for the dogs behaviour

  19. I had a Rotti she finally died of old age, the most loveable lady ever, I noe have another and she is just as adorable and loving, loves my grandchildren, over the years I have had a bull terrier, d/ pincher,huskys, chows, German shepherds, and a lab, never had an aggression. Problem with any , they were very protective of the family

  20. I got to say same as children it’s how you raise them I have a Doberman 4 yrs old had it at 8wks he is such a wimp of a dog that little dogs go for him he will play with any dog he cries if the wind blows the trees as he is scared he looks the part but soft as hell I got 3 kid’s and little one was only 2 when we had him so protective over all of us but will let anybody in and approach him to smooth I know that if anybody did attack any of us I’m sure he will go for them but then again he is protecting his family and nasty people deserve what they get but it’s the little dogs that are the nastiest 9 out of 10 people I know got chihuahua westies bishon friese and the other one simular to that and they bite growl and attack any dog or person they see so I think you should head out and do your research again just because they are big dogs don’t make them nasty dogs

  21. I have a siberian husky, and she is as soft as anything very vocal and very loving, it’s how you raise your dog, raise it properly and you won’t have any problems, so it’s all down to the owners not the dog.

  22. I have a German shepherd and she is a adorable she was attacked by a boxer and 2 huskies near our home. She is more scared of other dogs now. Her temperament is amazing tho and she can still be around other dogs due to taking her to classes. I can’t believe they are on the list. Down to the owners for sure

  23. I’m sick of all the bad press dogs are getting lately. I have a rottweiler and she’s my baby girl and my neighbours grandkids age 18 mnths to 4yrsee old climb all over her and she doesn’t bat an eye lid I trust her 110%….

  24. No such thing as a dangerous dog. If they are owned by responsible people who know what they are doing and not by someone who has no idea about each breed and their traits.

  25. My 8 year old german shepherd is a big soft lump shes scared of my pet rabbits when they stamp their feet she trys to hide under bed or jumps on my knee shaking.

  26. It’s not the dogs that should be on this list it’s the irresponsible owners I have had Boxers and Doberman and all they do is protect their home and family especially if there are chdren .

  27. But then formation about a civilian husky it says that husky is no good for Guardian and protection I am confused but that’s what I read

  28. As a owner of the most gentle sweet natured staffy that sadly passed last year, and broke everyone’s heart with her passing I heard on a TV show that apparently labs bite more people than other breeds, but don’t do as much damage coz they let go, these lists just scare people and how many dogs are going to be sent to the shelters because of this list, by the way I’ve got a shitztzu and he’s got little dog syn

  29. Even the most dangerous and violent animals know how to coexist and live together peacefully. The mankind is far behind the animals in this respect, and it’s definitely our great and shameful scarcity.
    The humans are worse, yes….