10 Useful Dog Walking Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know!


10 Useful Dog Walking Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know!

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For many owners, walking the dog can be a stressful time. However, we will show you that it does not have to be that way. Just follow our dog walking tips. We will teach you how to walk your dog without jerks or anxieties.

Do you find it impossible? Deceive yourself. You just have to follow a few precious dog walking techniques and you will see that your pet’s response will change. It’s time to put the leash and go out the door.

If you’re still asking yourself how often should you walk a dog, the answer is simple: walking the dog should be a daily activity and preferably always at the same time and place. This routine will help your pet adapt to that moment and face it with more tranquility and less stress.

Do you know the mental benefits of walking your dog?
They both work for you and for your pet! So think twice before skipping good dog walks.

Why Taking Your Pooch On Regular Walks Is Important?

Too often restless dogs actually have a lot of accumulated energy. If yours is the case, then solve this problem by taking the dog for a walk and thus it will burn all that energy. A walk or a run can help control the dog’s athletic drive and reduce aggressive behavior. What happens when you never walk your dog is that it turns compulsive and situations like “my dog pulls when walking” tend to happen more frequently.


Hanging out with the dog “forces him” to be more patient and to contact other animals and people, learning to relate to other living beings besides those with whom he lives daily. For this reason, walking the dog is a great way to teach him to respect each other’s space and to set boundaries. Interacting with other dogs can also be a very pleasant circumstance for your pet, which will “get to know” other beings of their species.

Improve health

As with humans, exercise in dogs will help weight loss, more restful sleep, and better muscle health. In addition, it benefits some chemical-hormonal aspects in the animal’s body, such as regulating its intestines or increasing the strength of its body structure. For dog walkers is also a great exercise to counter sedentary life.

Now, the tips and tricks on how to properly walk your dog. This also means to start a new cycle of your life where walking the dog is a time of relaxation and fun for you and your big eye.

#1 – Avoid Anxiety

If your dog gets very nervous at the time of leaving, it is important that you only put the leash on him when he has calmed down.

Put it on the leash and make sure that you are the first one out the door in front of him, not the other way around – as it is up to you, not your dog, to lead the way. Even during the ride, you should always stop when it is restless and start pulling.

#2 – Provide a variety of activities

When possible, alternate walking with playing with your dog. Take advantage of these moments to train you, reinforce old teachings, and teach new orders. Also, use these occasions to do a little sport and thus be a time when you also exercise.

#3 – Let the dog explore its instincts

Mark territory, identify different smells, relate to other dogs – these are some activities inherent to canine species. So allow your 4-legged friend to have these moments that make him happier and fulfilled.

#4 – Spend some time on walks

We know that there is currently little time available for leisure, but see these outings with your dog as a matter of health, because they really are. The ideal is to take your fur to walk at least 3 times a day.

If you can’t, consider at least one morning stroll before you go to work. This will keep your dog relaxed during the hours when you and your family are away from home. As for the duration of the tour, it varies from dog to dog, but between 30 and 50 minutes seems to be a reasonable time.

#5 – Prefer a short dog walking leash

Choose leashes that are not too long so that you can better handle unforeseen situations such as clashes with other animals or people.

#6 – Be calm and secure

It is critical that you be deeply calm so that your dog feels that you are in control of the situation. Otherwise, it will feel the need to take control of space and himself.

#7 – Reward your dog

Whenever your bigeyes behave well during the walk, you should present them with petting, complimenting and, of course, some healthy snacks. It may also be important to bring water for both – you and the dog.

#8 – Avoid walking in hot or cold hours

During summer and winter, you should go out with your dog when the weather is most favorable. Walking in hot or cold weather is not pleasant for you or the animal and in some cases may even become dangerous.

#9 – Keep the same schedule

Routines are important for the animal’s balance and even for the regulation of its body. Having the right times to eat and to walk can be very beneficial since it is easier to control the dog’s physiological needs.

#10 – Do not forget the rules of the three “P”: Patience, persistence, and posture

For this reason, no matter how big your pet, it is crucial that when walking the dog, you take the lead and assume before him that whatever happens, control of the situation will always be yours.

Getting your 4-legged friend not to fear but respect you is essential to your pet’s harmonious and happy development.

If you find it necessary, you can always look for someone that teaches you the proper way to walk a dog. There are several benefits of hiring a dog walker, even if only for you to practice dog training tips for walking.