10 Warning Signs A Dog is About To Bite


1Wide Eyes

1.Wide Eyes

Wide eyes are a sign of a possible dog bite. The eyes of dogs are just as expressive as human eyes. They tell a lot, just as ours do. When a dog’s eyes are wide open and look larger than normal you should pay careful attention – it might be a dog warning sign of a possible dog attack.

The eyes of dogs widen when they are curious as well or excited and intrigued. Make sure to pay attention to the rest of the dog’s body language to see for other signs that confirm the dog is feeling threatened or aggressive.

2Intense Stare

2.Intense Stare

When a dog has their eyes fixated on you – it means trouble. No dog, or animal for that matter, is going to give you an intense stare without it meaning something is wrong. His intense stare might mean he feels threatened and is eyeing you carefully to watch for a possible attack.

It also might mean he is staring at you to choose an attack spot. It’s best to not antagonize him at this point, look away and slowly walk away. Usually, dogs will give you this intense stare hoping the threat will leave.