5 essential commands you can teach your dog

Who needs to remain in the yard calling a puppy that disregards you until he’s good and prepared to comply? Who needs a dog that won’t lie here and there and stay where you let him know? We’ve presumably all known dogs like that, and they’re unpleasant and uncomfortable to live with.

It is true that if the dog disobeys you it is extremely humiliating. The tragic fact is that dogs are prepared to disregard their owners by their own owners. Yes, it is also true because if you won’t train your dog in best way then it won’t obey you.

You can happily train any sensibly sound puppy of any breed and it can be prepared to react to essential and of course some basic commands.

Basic commands to teach a dog

Come here, Sit, Down, Stay, and Leave is some basic commands that a good dog must obey. These five basic commands can have an enormous effect on your relationship with your dog. If you also own a dog and worried about its training then here I am to help you out in this serious issue because everyone wants an obedient dog.

I will give you a couple of basic guidelines and rules for preparing your dog. After that, I will also share an essential technique for preparing your dog to react to each of the five major commands.

One other way for those who don’t have enough time to train a dog is to take it to a basic obedience class for socialization.

Training your dog under the guidance of professional will also help you to make your dog obedient and trained in short time. Reading any good book on training a dog at home will also help you in your goal.

Name the dog

The very basic command that your dog has to learn is his or her name. Yes, everyone has a name and it will make your dog feel happy. So give it a name and call many times a day with its name so it may know the name.

Use the name in a positive way like when you are putting the toy or treat in front of it. Try not to use the name in negative way that will make your dog feel frustrated.

Then after few days start saying the name and come, though this command is not surely understood by your dog but rather it is vital in light of the fact that it will encourage your dog to follow you. It will additionally give the dog an idea that he is in control of the owner.

Sit down

This is easy command that you can teach your dog in few days. But keep one thing in mind that training dog needs patience so you have to be patient and consistent in training your dog. Hold the dog food in its bowl close to its nose and by name call him and tell him to sit.

Say many times and make your hand up and down so he may understand what you are trying him to obey and do. When he comes in sitting position allows him to eat the treat.
In this way he will soon know his name and how to sit and eat. When you will repeat this exercise many times a day the dog will learn to sit.


This is the next command to teach your dog. This will surely help you to call your dog back if he runs away or create any problem for others. Always put a leash and collar on your dog this will make the dog know that he has to obey you.

Pull the leash and say come when you want to take him to the yard. Once he learns to come back on calling then you can remove the leash because now he doesn’t need it anymore.

Lie Down

This is THE NEXT STEP of the sit command. When he figures out how to sit, show him to lie down. Say down and as you do, pull down on the rope so that the dog nose and front legs touch the ground. When he does so, praise him and reward him. Repeat this process many times a day.


This is one of the most difficult and time-consuming commands and you have to spend the time to train your dog this command.

No dog likes to stay in one place while you leave him alone. For this hold him from the leash and say “stay” Put your hands before him in the exemplary “stop” order so he may understand you in a better way.

The biggest motivation in training your dog is you own behavior. Be a good teacher and trainer. You have to remember these three important things if you decide to train your dog.

Be Consistent

Be consistent in your target of training a dog. Make sure you train the dog in same place, similar situations.

Be clear

When you are training your dog be Over-Enunciate. Remember you are training a dog not a human, so be clear and loud.

Praise a lot

Yes, like humans dogs also love to be praised. Say often good dog because your cheerful face and good comments will make your dog learn faster.