5 Worst Dog Behaviors You Need to Stop Encouraging


ATTENTION 5 Most Common Bad Dog Behaviors And How To Correct Them 1

We all make efforts to be the best dog owners, but many people often accidentally keep encouraging some bad behaviors that drive everyone nuts.

Sometimes, these naughty behaviors develop slowly as your dog grows up, or it may also be just one episode where your pup learns that the behavior actually works on you and keeps on repeating it. It’s really difficult to end a behavior with a history full of treats and rewards.

For instance, if your dog has spent months getting goodies from your plate every time they whine about it, then it could take you double that time to un-do the behavior.

#1 – Jumping Up:

Jumping Up
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At first, getting jumped on feels kind of cute, but with time, this behavior can become unbearable. When a dog leaps up on you, it simply means that they’re trying to show their affection for you.

And as you like to receive all that love, you help in developing your pup’s behavior with laughter and encouragement. Thus, your dog learns that you really like it when they jump all over you.

Suddenly, something changes (a growth from puppy to adult pup, an injury, a job that requires nice clothing every day, or a new baby), and the jumping up is no longer welcomed. In fact, it can be dangerous, but you try to convince yourself that it’s your pet that loves to interact with you this way!

To stop a devoted jumper, you have to stop acknowledging the behavior first, and yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds. All your little attentions count, so refrain from reacting at all when your dog. Wait for a moment of quiet when your pet has four paws on the ground (it may be literally just a moment at first) and then you can interact.

If they jump up again, you should turn your back until they stop, then continue interacting. If your dog likes to jump on your guests, you should leash them and step on the midpoint of the leash.