8 Reasons to Start Feeding Your Dog Olive Oil!


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We all know about the incredible health benefits of olive oil, but is it just as good for dogs too? Can they have olive oil? Is it safe? And how can it benefit your precious pup?

Olive oil is an excellent and healthful option to improve your dog’s diet and overall health. Just like this amazing oil can help humans look and feel good, it does the same thing for dogs as well.

Olive oil is one of the greatest human foods that you can feel free to share with your beloved pup. So don’t hesitate to add some to the dog food before mealtime. But how much olive oil should a dog consume?

According to veterinarians, dog owners should offer one teaspoon olive oil per every twenty pounds of body weight for each meal. You can mix olive oil with wet or dry dog food.
You may also consider offering your pup extra virgin olive oil, which is best thanks to its reduced acid content.

You can even mix up oils for a more diverse diet. Switch between olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil to sweeten your dog’s food bowl!

In case you’re still having doubts about olive oil, check out these eight beautiful reasons why you should start feeding it to your dog.

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