Here Are 4 Reasons Why Your Pooch Always Wakes Up At Night And How To Fix It!


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For a lot of us sleeping is our favorite part of the day. You’re finally getting cozy on your bed after a long day of work and you finally fall asleep. But…oh wait, what is this weird feeling? Why is someone breathing so close to me? Am I getting licked right now? And then you open your eyes and it’s your dog staring at you.

The most common thing to do is just roll over and try to fall asleep again, after all, your dog has food, water, went for his walk, so he doesn’t actually need anything from you. So why is he bothering and waking you up in the middle of the night? This might even become a problem for you and you might be asking yourself: “are there sleeping pills for dogs?”. Wait a minute before you medicate your dog, cause he might need it or not but you’re not qualified to make that decision.

There are a lot of different reasons that can explain why your dog is awake at night, and don’t worry, even though seeing ghosts is a possibility it’s very unlikely.

Keep on reading to find out why your pooch is developing such poor sleeping habits and what can be done to fix it!